Obama TeamChange…   Yes We Can!   Make America Great Again   Stronger Together  

In the words of the undeniably clever & cool dude Jerry Garcia…

“What a long strange trip it’s been.”

Now…some scream “Not my President” while other’s decry “Get over it!”

 It’s interesting how the “peaceful transition of power” is experienced by our two-party political system in the United States…Obama disrespect

The choice between two shadows.  How the United States of America brought itself to a point where we stand in this place administratively, is a long and deep four dimensional story.  It’s a story told differently by those with different views.  This, again…is simply intended contrast.


There are many in the “personal development tribe” aka my people, who have believed that an unfolding of emerging female energies, from a fifth dimensional perspective, was going to be embracing the planet during this Century and beyond.  Some believed that this might be signified by the election of the first female president for America.  With the support of approximately three million personal votes over her opponent, that powerful statement was still able to stand.  However, with the electoral college win, the concept that this female President might symbolize this energy, was shifted.

Shifted in a way that most never imagined…

WomenWomens march map

The Women’s March reached numbers reportedly around 5 million strong, world-wide.

As this political process in our country unfolds and plays out…we watch with wonder, wait with anticipation, protest with intention and act/react, as best we each can, from a space of love, compassion and kindness.


May the FORCE be with us all…

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